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Most of the books that are available to Americans on the subject of the battle of Waterloo were written by English authors. We have been programmed so to speak to see the battle from the English and Wellingtons viewpoint. What makes Commandant Henry Lachouque's WATERLOO unique is that it is a translation from the French and written from the French point of view. This fresh approach gives insight into the purpose and vision of Napoleon. 

I have read as many as 20-30 books on the Battle of Waterloo but there are particular details which I have only found in Lachouque's WATERLOO. He gives information on different French military officers which is easily overlooked by English authors.
Lachouque has a writing style which carries the reader forward almost effortlessly so that students who may not enjoy history but need to examine Waterloo will find this book helpful for their purposes.
Chandler does bring up a valid critique of the book which I might mention and that was Lachouque failed to recognize his sources. Commandant Lachouque is deceased and Chandler and all other students of Waterloo would have appreciated knowing what were some of his first hand sources.
Another reason I consider this such an excellent book on the Battle of Waterloo is the illustrations contained in it. The Museums of five countries contributed artwork in the book. There are over 300 illustrations many in color. I have never seen a book on Waterloo with as many prints and maps. Many of the prints are from ComCommandant Lachouque's own collection. These of course would not likely be found in an English historical study. Some of the artwork includes prints of uniforms, the panorama mural which is displayed at a museum at Waterloo itself, plus numerous portraits and drawings.
This book is a favorite of mine and through the text and the illustrations Lachouque has successfully brought to mind and heart the sound of the trumpets and the guns and the shouts "Vivi La Emperor". 

Gary Gillespie

Waterloo - no dust jacket

  • 1972 Arms & Armour Press

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