A book with an amazing history of its own.

Early in 1830, the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, commissioned Siborne to construct a model of the Battle of Waterloo. Siborne carried out extensive research, writing to officers in the Allied forces present at the battle to obtain information on the positions of the troops.

The replies to the circular he sent out and the subsequent correspondence amount to the largest single collection of primary source material on the subject ever assembled.The British Museum purchased the collection after his death and it is now in the British Library. He spent eight months at the farm of La Haye-Sainte surveying the entire battlefield.


Siborne made use of the considerable amount of material he assembled to write his third book, a history of the Waterloo Campaign. It was first published in 1844 and remains in print and can be purchased on this website.

Much of the correspondance that was sent to Siborne is published here.

Waterloo Letters

  • 1993 Greenhill Books - facsimilie of 1891 edition 

    Napoleonic Library #25

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