The most distinguished of these [cavalry regiments] was the 13th Cuirassiers, a regiment of new formation, which served throughout the war in Aragon and Catalonia, and was by far the best of Suchet's mounted corps. For its achievements the reader may be referred to the interesting recollections of Colonel de Gonneville." - Sir Charles Oman .
With this book you get exactly what it says on the title. These are the persona recollections of a French cavalryman during the Napoleonic years. There is little to no reference to politics or great battles. Gonneville only writes about where he was and what he say while he was there. The man is literally doing his best to recollect everything that happened to him during the years of 1804-1815.

Recollections of Colonel de Gonneville - 2 volumes

  • 1875  Hurst and Blackett London

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889

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