This copy was signed for me by Mr Nafziger at the 1991 Napoleonic Society of America conference.  
This is primarily a military history of Napoleons ill-fated 1812 Russian venture. The author provides detailed orders of battle for both armies and much description of the actual composition of these huge forces. Nafziger's attention to deatil is truly impressive and the reader who seeks detailed Orders of Battle information will find exactly that here. What makes this book different from the standard 1812 histories is the emphasis not only on military aspects, but on the lesser known movements of the French allied Corps-de-Armees operating on the flanks of the main invasion. Here we get to learn about the fighting which involved the Austrian and Prussian auxilurary corps which comprised a significant portion of Macdonald's, Oudinots and Reynier's Corps. These formatons maneuvered extensively on the flanks of Napoleons main advance in the center. They fought a number of minor and sometimes larger engagements to secure the flanks and threaten the Russian cities of Riga and Minsk. The notable action at Polotsk which involved Oudinot's Corps gets an extensive description. This battle is usually mentioned just in passing with most histories of 1812. There are plenty of well written, general histories on this topic. This is a work for military history buffs and Wargamers who will find an abundance of minutiae here. There is a large addenda with maps. A fine, detailed, even classic military history of the 1812 Invasion. 

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

  • 1988 Presidio CA

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889

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