Napoleon's Conquest of Prussia 1806' by Loraine Petre is a classic military history of one of Napoleon's great campaigns. The author has written five books on Napoleon and his campaigns and is recognised as one of the pre-eminent military historians of the early twentieth century. In this book, as in the others, he has utilised many first-hand accounts from the various participants to put together an interesting and detailed military study of Napoleons campaign.

Hhe tells the story of Napoleon's victory at Jena and Marshal Davout's triumph at Auerstadt on the 14th of October, 1806. The book then follows Napoleon's three-week relentless pursuit of the defeated Prussian forces in a classic military movement to destroy the armed might of Prussia once and for all. At the end of the campaign two-thirds of the Prussian army had been killed or made prisoner and four-fifths of Prussia was under Napoleon's control.Bearing in mind that the book was written at the start of the twentieth century the style of writing contained in the narrative takes a little bit of getting use to but once you have adjusted to that period of time you find you are reading a classic military study. The book is supplied with three large fold-out maps to follow the different stages of the campaign and a number of black and white plates are also provided in the centre of the book.

Napoleon's Conquest Of Prussia

  • 1972 Hippocrene Books NY