All levels are covered in unequaled depth. Scott Bowden has drawn upon his many years of experience researching the Napoleonic era to produce a remarkable work that goes far beyond a treatment of the 1805 campaign. From the viewpoint of the English-speaking reader, Napoleon and Austerlitz is a compelling introduction to the entire Napoleonic era for the novice, while delivering unequaled depth of coverage for the enthusiast. Bowden covers the French, Russian and Austrian military organizations at a level of detail that is only possible for one who has gone beyond the usual English language sources. All levels are covered from the individual squad to the high command, with the tactics, equipment and unique character of each unit or branch fully described. The social innovations of the French army and their implications, often neglected in military books, are analyzed in full, along with the limitations of the highly stratified Russian forces and the unique challenges of the multi-ethnic troops of the Austrian Empire. The military operations of Napoleon and his opponents have usually been presented in a historical vacuum. Bowden makes clear the origins of Napoleon's regime in the French Revolution with uncommon insight, and shows how the 1805 campaign was actually a colossal "grudge match" between opponents who had been engaged in hostilities since 1789. While giving detailed attention to the actual seat of war Bowden makes clear the European-wide character of the 1805 campaign, covering events from Sweden to Sicily and from the English Channel to the Russian frontier, underscoring the relevance of these events to the contemporary situation in Europe.This is one of the better books on this subject. Well illustrated in a large format. 

Napoleon and Austerlitz

  • 1997 Emperor's Press Chicago