André Castelot was a French writer born in Belgium who wrote 65 biographies of famous persons in the History of France. He is perhaps best known for his biography of Josephine. His biography of Napoleon emphasizes not only his military campaigns, but his many love affairs and his many mistresses. It shows how his tumultuous relationship with Josephine influenced and affected his Napoleonic Code. It was because of Josephine's fickleness and unfaithfulness to Napoleon that Napoleon decreed that all women upon leaving their father's houses and entering into matrimony must understand that henceforth they are to be under the control of their husbands. Women cannot be trusted to be free, said Napoleon. Yet, Napoleon was easily influenced by women. On page 299 is recounted an incident where his Governor of Berlin had committed an act of treason, and had been arrested and faced death. Then, the man's wife, who was expecting a child, came and threw herself at the feet of Napoleon, begging forgiveness. With that, Napoleon ordered the man's release, something that Napoleon did not often do. Throughout this book, there are discussions of Napoleon's relationships with women, including his fears that he could not father a child or that a child who had been born was not really his.


  • 1926 Dodd, Mead and Company NY

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