A two volume set of this insightful biography about Napoleon Bonaparte. 'Memoirs of Napoleon' is a personal memoir about the formidable Napoleon Bonaparte, written by Laure Junot, who had a life long acquaintance with him. He had nicknamed her 'Little Pest', for her wit and extravagance after moving to Paris. Despite their earlier generous relationship, she portrayed a sarcastic view of him in her 'Memoirs'. Junot didn't side with Bonaparte during his Hundred Days, and had previously taken part in intrigues to bring the Bourbons back. Junot was a child during the French Revolution, and so grew up and lived in a tumultuous time in French history. She was extravagant in her spending, and spent a lot of her time around artistic society. She also had an affair with the fellow author Honore de Balzac, who supervised the writing of these memoirs. Illustrated throughout, with sixteen plates.

Memoirs of Napoleon. His Court and Family

  • 1855 D. Appleton and Company NY. 1st American Edition.

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