Private secretary of Napoleon  I er and his closest collaborator 1802 to 1813 wrote this memoir. Méneval fulfills his function of secretary of the portfolio near the emperor during all the duration of the Consulate and the First Empire , until the abdication of the Emperor . Napoleon repeated several times that, by accepting this secretary in his service, he acquired a treasure.Méneval, who had the overwhelming responsibility of ensuring the writing and correspondence of the First Consul then Emperor (1802-1813), had to lead an almost monastic existence and be always there, available, day and night. In the evening Napoleon said to him: " Find yourself tonight, at one o'clock (or at four o'clock), we will work " . Méneval was just 24 years old. " A gentle air, modest habits, a great reserve, a timid exterior which the appearance of delicate health still rejuvenated, seemed to unite in pleasure in his person 3 " . " Working around the clock; therefore the emperor never experienced anything but satisfaction and pleasure, and very much liked it. The portfolio secretary was generally responsible for all the flow, and all that was instant and improvisation. He opened and read all letters addressed directly to the Emperor, classified them for examination, and wrote under his dictation . "
You could not get a closer account of the 1st empire.

Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte (3 volumes)

  • 1910 P. F. Collier & Son NY

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