The Lancers of the Imperial Guard were the most renowned of the Polish units serving in Napoleon's army. Chlapowski's memoirs contain eyewitness accounts of the guerrilla war in Spain and the great battles of the Grand Armée from 1807 to 1813. The famous Polish Lancer regiment of Napoleon's Old Guard was rated as light cavalry in consideration of its mobility, but was often committed to head-to-head battles with heavy cavalry (always victoriously).One of the legends that have come out of the Napoleonic Wars is the charge of the Polish Light Horse Regiment of the Imperial Guard at Somosierra, Spain on 30 November 1808.Dezydery Chlapowski make a nice description of what happen in Somosierra, because of this charge Napoleon decide to promoted the whole Polish Guard regiment to the Old Guard. He also spent alot of his time in the Emperor's company.


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