This is a magnificent biography of the life of a magnificent soldier, written with style and skill and bristling with factual information.
Rising from nowhere to become a Marshal of France and Prince, Ney's life was one of almost continuous warfare. There are over 50 battle's named on the plinth in Paris upon which stands the wonderful statue of Ney. It was erected on the spot where a French firing squad shot their armies favourite son for 'treason'! To discover just how unjust this virtual murder was, how it happened and why, and to become fully aware of how Marshal Ney deserved his last and most famous title, 'The Bravest of the Brave', l heartily suggest you buy this superb account of his life. - C. J. N. Viner


Marshal Ney: The Romance and the Real

  • 1982 Hippcrene Books NY

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889

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