If you are interested in art work related to this period this book is a must. Large format 10x14". Fully illustraited from beginning to end.  Originally sold at $250 a copy. I have 2 in shrink wrap left.
Note this book is in French.

By setting the episodes on the life of the Emperor on canvas, the painters contributed to forging the Napoleonic legend. This book traces in pictures the great hours of the Consulate and the Empire, the battles and peace treaties, but also the life of the imperial family, the daily life of the Court, the institutions and the economy. The works, signed by great or small masters, collected in this beautiful book, each account in its own way, of the imperial era.
The work revolves around seven eras that follow the life of the Emperor: "When Napoleon was called Bonaparte" (1769-1798), "The consulate" (1800-1803), "The coronation" (1804) , "The god of war" (1805-1807), The apogee of the empire "(1808-1810)," The first defeats "(1811-1813), and" The fall "(1814-1815). 
I will accept a reasonable offer.


  • 1991 Belfond FRANCE; First edition

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