FRENCH TEXT. A seriously documented work describing and illustrating the soldiers and the uniforms of Napoleon Bonaparte's Premier Empire, this text is the result of research into the life of Napoleon, his armies, their uniforms and units, and is based on contemporary plates and original field research. The author covers all of the prinicipal campaigns of the First Empire, from Austerlitz to Waterloo, as well as the principal characters involved in the saga - the Emperor himself, Davout, Lassale, Murat, Wellington and Brunswick. The 77 full page, full colour plates by artist Jack Girbal are important to the book, as they show in detail the different units of Napolean's army and cavalry in action during all the campaigns from 1805 to 1815. These plates were originally published separately in 1962. It is a worthy and original compliment to any collection, standing equally impressively alongside books containing contemporary prints by Martinet, the later Rousselot and Bucquoy`s and modern day Michel Petard examples of Napoleonic uniforms. 


L'epopee Napoleonienne: Soldats & Uniformes du Premier Empire

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