De Rocca's memoir of the war in Spain is far less well-known than that of his hussar colleague Jean Marbot but makes for excellent reading (& probably far less given to exaggeration). Greenhill should be thanked for adding this short work to their Napoleonic Library - an affordable addition to any Peninsular collection. De Rocca's description of the insurgency leaves little to the imagination and certainly makes understandable the French failure to conquer the Spanish people. Any student of the Peninsula should pick this up as should those studying counterinsurgency. De Rocca later went on to wed the formidable Madame de Stael in a love match. We're lucky to have such a memoir by an intelligent, thoughtful campaigner. See also Memoirs of Colonel Bugeaud and the thoroughly readable Recollections of Colonel de Gonneville.

In the Peninsula With a French Hussar: Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain

  • 1990 Greenhill Books - facsimilie of 1815 edition 

    Napoleonic Library #16

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