A hard to find book. This book refers to the 3rd invasion of Portugal by French troops during Napoleon's effort to subdue the entire Iberian Peninsula during the period 1810-1811. The author served as chef de bataillon and first aide-de-camp for Marshal Massena in the struggle between Wellington's army and the French forces. Unfortunately, although it is interesting and informative, it displays the problem that many personal memoirs succumb to--a lack of objectivity. Pelet does relate in some detail the conflict among the French generals which certainly did not help their cause. Plus, he discusses the consequences of the rugged terrain and lack of knowledge about the Portuguese countryside which caused mistakes to be made. One of the greatest--although Pelet would never admit it--was to underestimate the Anglo-Portuguese forces which the French encountered. 

French Campaign in Portugal, 1810-1811

  • 1973 University of Minnesota

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