A distinguished British military historian produces this valuable reference to the British army of the Napoleonic era. The book includes chapters on the high command, financing, various branches of service, tactics, weaponry, and foreign volunteers as well as a capsule history of the major campaigns. It focuses on the Peninsular Campaign under Wellington and on Waterloo, the British army's outstanding feat of arms during the period, but does not ignore less-known (not to mention less creditable) episodes. It is not free from patriotic bias, romanticism, and a hagiographic attitude toward Wellington, but the amount of material it offers in a single volume greatly compensates for its limitations. Highly recommended and widely useful, it may prove a treasure trove to aspiring Regency romance writers. Roland Green

The Armies of Wellington

  • 1994 Arms & Armour Press London

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889


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