Sir Robert Wilson saw the campaign in Poland from the Russian side of the conflict. Not only was he a representative of the British government-and so had an inevitable antipathy towards Napoleon's French forces-but he had also developed a strong affection for his Russian hosts. Nevertheless, he has done his best to include within his work-partisan though the elements that are the product of his pen may be-an overview of the campaign designed with fair brokerage in mind. His book is a work of separate parts and includes his own impressions of the campaign he witnessed, the documents portraying the Russian and Prussian perspective on the same events together with all the bulletins of the French Army concerning those events. In addition, Wilson has included a description and appraisal of the Russian Army taking each arm in turn-passages covering the Cossacks make essential reading for any student interested in the period. Here is the complete Polish campaign including the battles that contributed towards the everlasting fame of the Napoleonic epoch.

Campaigns in Poland 1806 -1807

  • 2000 Worley Publications UK - facsimile of 1810 edition


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