Solid scholarship on the battles of the Duke of Wellington is combined with a light-hearted look at visiting the fields and gaming the battles today. Discussed within are the battles where the Duke of Wellington and his army earned their reputation. These hard fought and dramatic battles proved the mastery of both the Duke and the British infantryman and broke the power of the French armies that had conquered Spain, Portugal, and most of Europe. Donald Featherstone discusses each battle, with the aid of expert historians, and the accounts of actual participants. It is not just a study of generalship and tactics, for the author is keenly interested in the experiences of the common soldier. A veteran wargamer and a much-published author, Donald Featherstone gives us the benefit of his many visits to the battlefields, with anecdotes and advice on how to have fun. He tells us how he has fought these battles many times on the tabletop, and his emphasis has always been to enjoy the game.

Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington

  • 2001 Circa - Emperor's Press Chicago

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889

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