Paperback Campaign Series #33 Osprey Military Books has been putting out an amazing, reliable, and entertaining line of material for more years than I can remember. The books are well-researched and written, with wonderful coloured templates, original etchings, and pictures of relics and historical sites and places of import.ASPERN & WAGRAM 1809 is one of the CAMPAIGN Series in the Osprey collection, and it is in a word - Amazing! There are 96 pages covering everything from: The Origins of the Campaign, The Opposing Commanders & their forces, their battle plans, and then coverage of the Campaign itself. It goes on to discuss the Aftermath of the battle and, as well as what the battlefield looks like today. It provides information for 'Further Reading', and for the die-hards out there, it also furnishes how to Play Aspern & Wagram as a War-Game. It even recaps with a list of the Chronology of the battle in bold, crisp print.The text is well written, easy and enjoyable to follow. The book is ripe with illustrations, both historical and contemporary, as well as maps, three dimensional diagrams of the battlefields, and illustrations all throughout.There are contemporary templates of the soldiers uniforms, as well as colored maps and charts with troop movement and battle locales.This book is perfect for both the experienced and well-versed, and the interested first timer approaching the subject. ASPERN & WAGRAM 1809: MIGHTY CLASH OF EMPIRES is just one more superior piece of military literature that Osprey can claim as their own - and should - with pride.A side note: as a Painter of Napoleonic Miniatures, and interested historian, this book is an excellent source of information that can be used in tandem with many of the OSPREY Men-At-Arms books on the Napoleon uniforms.

Aspern & Wagram 1809: Mighty clash of Empires

  • 1994 Osprey Publishing UK