Though relatively brief, this book is chock full of information including subjects not normally touched on like staff problems, fortifications / sieges and medical issues/services for Napoleon"s Grande Armee' and all his major opponents. Another great bonus are the two appendices, one listing all the campaigns/battles fought between 1792 and 1815 and the other listing the sieges, assaults on fortified positions and blockades of towns / cities which combined together is a staggering number of campaigns and battles. It would not be an exaggeration to conclude from this book that no general in the history of warfare ever fought more individual battles than Napoleon .

Another chapter describing " The Soldiers Trade " examines the evolution of cavalry, infantry and artillery tactics, weapons, troop training, transport, feeding the armies, troops on the march and in bivouac which is an excellent overview if all to brief. BUT in reality every chapter in this book is outstanding as the author really knows his stuff !! The Chapter " Opponents of the French " is both informative and very fair in the assessment and performance of all the armies that Napoleon fought if a bit too admiring in the cases of the British and Austrian Armies.

Overall this tome is an excellent survey and study of the French Military establishment and its opponents espisically for the general reader and I give it an enthusiastic 5 star rating - Highly Recommended .

Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon

  • 1997 Spellmount

Empire Books

35 Belvedere Drive

Warwick RI 02889

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