This book is a compilation of the accounts of several eyewitnesses relating the 1812 Russian campaign. The accounts are all placed in chronological order. Some accounts are from the Imperial Soldiers themselves, while others are from the Imperial Officers and the Chain of Command. Other accounts are from Russian Residents who describe the events of the Grande Armée's Invasion of Russia.

One account is the personal story of one of the Emperor's Aide's de Camp; Louis the Count of Narbonne who had been Minister of War for King Louis XVI who was sent by Napoleon Bonaparte himself to speak with the Tsar Alexander I in the Tsar's Headquarters in Vilna. This account depicts the personal experience of that messenger and his short conversation with the Tsar.

A great read.

1812 : Eyewitness Accounts of Napoleon's Defeat in Russia

  • 1966 St Martin's Press.

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